Land title deed in Kenya is the most critical document when it comes to land ownership.
Title deed is a legal document showing ownership of a parcel of a land in Kenya.
Title Deeds in Kenya are issued by The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development at the Ministry’s Regional Registries offices within the County governments.

land title deed
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1.Features of a land title deed

First page
It shows the title number, estimate size of the land, map sheet number, registry seal, date of issue, type of land, name of the owners and National ID numbers.
Second Page
It shows parcel number, details of the owner, a signature and stamp.
Third Page
It shows in detail the history and records of the land.
Fourth Page
It records the land Title Deed number and the document code at the bottom of the title deed page.

2.Types of land Title Deeds in Kenya

Freehold Title Deed
This is a land title deed that gives the land owner all the rights without restrictions.
Leasehold Title Deed
This land title deed gives ownership of the land up to a maximum of 99 years.
Sectional Title Deed
This is a title deed that gives ownership to a single unit within a building such as an apartment or flat.

3.Type of title Deed Searches

Title deed Search at the County Registry
During the search, you will look out for the Seller’s land Title Deed Registration at the registry offices plus also Any Unpaid Land Rates that should be deducted in your payment as a coverage.

Title Deed Online search
Kenyan citizens can now do search on their land land title through online at Ardhisasa and e-citizen platform.
One need to create an email account at platforms and submit title deeds details.
the platform will later send result to your email with a few minutes.

4.Change of ownership of a land title deed

The land owner will need below documents to change ownership;
Land valuation report, Transfer approval, Stamp duty bill form, ID, KRA PIN certificates (both parties), coloured passport size photos (Both parties) and title deed to be transfer by the owner.

5.What to do in case of a death of a title deed owner?

The spouse or the next of kin should submit a copy of the death certificate, affidavit of death and a form requesting change of ownership at the Ministry of land.

6.Can a foreigner get a title deed in Kenya

The non residents of Kenya can get a leasehold land title deed with a valid Passport/ID pin, Kra pin certificate and 2 passport photos.